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Hello my fluffy dumplings! How are you all doing? Today I have some more Sheinside items to review! The item that I will be reviewing today are the Blue Hooded Patterned Parka and the Beige & Black Stripe Sweater image I hope that you don’t mind that I am combining these reviews, I have a lot of other reviews to post so I didn’t want to spam all of you too much!


Bust: 138cm
Length: 81cm
Material: Knit


Bust: 114cm
Length: 45-56cm
Sleeve length: 44cm
Shoulder: 64cm
Material: Knit

NOTE: These items were sent to me by Sheinside for review purposes. All opinions are always honest and unbiased regardless! Some parts have been copied from my previous review for this month, since they were part of the same orer.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Sheinside by now since I’ve been reviewing their clothing for quite a few months, but if you haven’t: they are an online-based women’s fashion store that is based in Hong Kong. They stock a lot of cute Asian-style clothing and accessories and offer free worldwide shipping. I’ve reviewed them quite a few times before so if you’d like to find out more, please check out those reviews!

For extra details on the shipping, please see my previous Sheinside review from this month!



This is what they looked like when I took them out of the packaging. :Let’s start with the parka! image


This is massive!!! imageThis was available in S, M, L + XL;; I got the L size because I like my coats to be loose (and it was the only size left at the time) but it was actually way too big. I think the S size would’ve been about right for me actually

I’m not exactly sure what the name for this kind of pattern is… They call it plaid but it doesn’t really seem plaid to me. If you glance at it quickly it does look kind of like the Union Jack? image It’s probably just because of the colour scheme though.


Here are some details of the pockets~ I’m pretty sure that they are made of PU or something similar. They’re pretty big as you can tell from the photos, but the material just felt a bit flimsy image


The sleeves! They’re a bit too long, even for my preferences, so I just roll them up a bit.


Details from around the hood/neck area~ The neck is quite high so it’ll be really nice to cover up with in the winter time image The hood is also quite large! Unfortunately, the zip is made of the same material as the pockets so it is a bit flimsy too.


This coat is assymetrical, so it’s a bit longer at the back. I feel like everything I’ve gotten recently is assymetrical haha The drawstring was actually very useful since the back was so loose on me. 

The top right is a close up of the lining. I’m not sure of what material it was, but it was really, really, really, really, soft!!! image Even my sister was screaming about how fluffy it was when I first wore it.


Sweater: Reverse
Scarf: thrift
Skirt: Valleygirl

eep, I didn’t know how to style this since it was so big so this is my outfit from during the storm

Now moving onto the sweater~


And here is a comparison with the stock photo:


The details are all the same! The only thing is that the colour of the strips is more of a dark navy than a black. I know that my photo doesn’t show it that well but there will be better photos of the colour later on~ image

This is quite a thin sweater, so it’s perfect for spring and summer time. Unfortunately, we’re going into autumn over here so soon it’ll be too cold to wear this image


These are the sleeves~ When worn, the sleeves were very loose on me. Actually, the whole sweater is a bit loose on me, and I’m usually NZ size 8-10 in tops. I think this could probably fit up to size 14.


Here is the collar and waistband~ The collar isn’t too deep, it starts around where my collarbones are, just right for layering cute tops under! image As you can see, the bottom is just a little bit assymetrical, but it’s not really noticeable at all when worn.


I actually really liked the pattern on this! The colours are very nice and even though there are lots of different patterns, the overall pattern goes together very nicely~



Blouse: Dotti
Skirt: Valleygirl
Ring: Diva


Parka: image image image image image image image image image / 10
I will admit, I was a bit disheartened at first when I opened my package and saw this and how big it was! But after trying it on, I actually love it!!! It feels just like wearing a giant blanket. The lining is so so soft which makes it super comfortable to wear, and that’s probably my favourite part about it. I can’t wait until winter so I can wear it more often because it’s still way too hot to wear it in New Zealand, even though it’s autumn.

The outer parts of the parka and the lining are top notch quality, it’s just the material that was used on the pockets + zip that let the parka down in general. Since the issue with the sizing ended up working out, it’s really only the flimsy pockets that bring the rating down a bit.

Sweater: image image image image image image image image / 10
This is a really cute sweater overall, and I think it would be nice for those of you that are going into summer. It would be really nice to wear to the beach as a cover-up or on top of a cream peter pan collar dress in spring, imo. Oddly, the sleeves were too loose for me but the torso fit me just fine. I don’t really mind it though, since loose is probably better for this style of clothing. Since it is loose, it’s also very comfortable. The matierl is pretty soft too. Overall, it’s not my favouritest sweater in the world, but I do like it! 


Shipping & Handling: image image image image image image image image image / 10
It took only 5 days, which is amazingly fast for Hong Kong to New Zealand. This is the fastest that I’ve ever received a Sheinside package, if I do recall properly. that they’ve been getting better every month, I keep getting them faster and faster! 

Customer Service: image image image image image image image image image image / 10
There’s nothing much to put here really, I say the same thing every single time! The staff at Sheinside are always lovely and they always reply to me within a day, unless it’s during the weekend.

Value/Price: image image image image image image image image / 10
At the time, the parka was on sale for $36.90 which I think is definitely worth it for the quality that it is. It is generally very well made, just the material on the pockets let it down a bit. It is actually a very thick coat that would get you through winter and of course the lining is lovely.

The sweater was being sold for $32.62, which I think is an okay price. It’s not like that is a rip-off price or anything;; but usually I see these kinds of thinner sweaters around the $20 - $25 range, and I didn’t see anything particuarly special about this one that would raise the price. If you think about it, you could pay $5 and get the parka, which is a full-blown coat with the fluffiest lining in the world! Overall, not a bad price (I would probably buy it for that much for it at the mall tbh) but just not a huge value, in my opinion.

Overall: image image image image image image image image image image / 10
Overall, I ended up liking these items quite a bit! I do especially love the parka now, it’s so big and and fluffy and just nice for the cold weather. While I did have a problem with how large it was at first, I think the largeness has made it even better, because now it’s just like wearing a big portable blanket. I just wish that the pockets and zip had been made from a sturdier material!

I don’t know what it is about this sweater, but I just can’t bring myself to love it. I think it just sits a bit awkwardly on me, with the loose sleeves and it cuts off a weird place on my body too. I mean there wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with it, it was pretty comfortable and good quality too. I do think that it is a very nice and quite cute sweater in general, but just not really for me. Thank you, Sheinside! ♡

And thank you for reading all the way through! If you have time, please check out my Sheinside giveaway, it’s ending today~

The next review I’m going to be posting will probably be my Arpakasso from Rosy’s Garden, since I’ve been getting so many requests! But please look out for my next reviews on Sheinside, Sandysshop and Sweetbox too! Have a nice, fluffy day my lovely buns image

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