ny tee from brave store  review

Hello my lovely buns! How are you all doing? Today I’m reviewing a store that you’ve probably all heard of before: Brave Store! This is the first time that I’ve bought something from them before but I have worked with them before. Anyway, today I’m reviewing the NY Teeimage


Shoulder: 55cm
Bust: 114cm
Length: 69cm
Sleeve Length: 23cm
Material: Cotton blend

NOTE: This review is not sponsored and I purchased this item with my own money. However, I have worked with Brave Store in the past. All opinions are honest and unbiased regardless.

If you aren’t familiar with Brave Store, they are a Storenvy-based store that stocks tons of cute Asian fashion and accessories. They have everything from clothing to bags to phone cases! The store is run by Jane, who is super nice! I’ve worked with them once before to review the Pearl Kitty Headband.

I’ve been wanting one of these varsity style tees for a while because they’ve been everywhereee lately. I saw that Brave Store was having a sale too so I decided to go for this NY Tee~

My package was shipped on the 2nd of January and I received it on the 19th of February. Since it had been so much longer than the ETA of 15-25 days, I had actually contacted Jane already before it arrived and another package had already been sent out.


Here’s what the package looked like. It was just a plain white mailer.



This is how it looked when I took it out of the packaging~ image


It was nearly too big for my bed image
The details are pretty accurate to the stock photos image


Here is a close-up of the print. The printing is okay, I found that there were a few spots where the print wasn’t completely opaque but luckily it’s not that noticable.


These are the stripes that are on the sleeve~ The bands don’t go all the way around.


This is the neckband. It’s pretty loose, which is just how I like it image

I found that it fit me pretty well in general. For reference, I am a S-M in tops and 90cm bust and there was still plenty of room left, hahaha. I think it should fit up to L, maybe XL.

My one issue is that the top is cut completely straight and the bottom band doesn’t allow for much stretch, so I cannot get it past my huge hips and butt!!! image My hip measurement is about 92cm. I usually end up wearing it with the bottom rolled over a bit since I’m layering stuff over it anyways.  I don’t think this will be a problem for you if you don’t have wide hips or if you have a longer torso.

Here’s an outfit that I wore out the other day~

Hat: eBay
Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Shorts: Cotton On
Bag: Equip
Tights: Taobao
Ring: Lovisa
Shoes: YRU


i’m sorry all i know how to do is stand around and be awkward image


Fit: image image image image image image image image / 10
This fit me pretty well in general, and it’s very loose which is how I prefer my tees. I’m only taking a few points off due to the issue that I mentioned above.

Comfort: image image image image image image image image image / 10
It’s very loose so it’s super comfortable too. The cotton blend that they used is pretty soft too. However, I just have to take a point off again due to the bottom band issue. It’s honestly pretty nice to wear as a sleeping shirt though!

Quality: image image image image image image image image / 10
The actual shirt is made quite nicely, there weren’t any loose threads that I saw. However, the quality of the printing is a little bit iffy. Like I mentioned before, there are some areas where the print isn’t quite opaque enough to cover all the black and a few spots where the black completely shows through. It’s not noticable by other people but it just irks me a little. 


Shipping & Handling: image image image image image image image image / 10
Technically the shipping process from the time it was dispatched to when I received it was about 50 days, but I suspect that the 1st package that was dispatched was lost in the mailing process and it was the 2nd package that I received. I’m really conflicted about what to rate this but honestly it didn’t bother me too much //

Customer Service: image image image image image image image image image image image / 10
The customer service was absolutely amazing! Jane is a total sweetheart and super nice to talk to. She replied to my emails quickly and was very apologetic even though the lost package wasn’t her fault. Their customer service gets an A+++

Value/Price: image image image image image image image image image / 10
The shirt is currently on sale for $14 but when I bought it for 12.60, due to a sale and discount code. I’ve seen similar style and quality shirts for around $25 so I’d say that it is pretty reasonably priced considering the quality. I woudl’ve liked the printing quality to be better but my friends have gotten top with worse print quality(!!!) from big company stores like Valleygirl. With shipping I ended up paying $15.60 for this shirt so I’ve fairly happy.

Overall: image image image image image image image image / 10
While I do love this shirt in general, especially the style, I feel like some details like the printing quality and bottom band fit let it down a bit. It honestly is a very nice shirt though. It fits my style and as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been wanting this varsity-type shirt for a while now and I am definitely going to wear it a lot! While the shipping matters were a bit iffy, Jane’s customer service definitely made up for it. Brave Store is still one of my favourite stores and I would definitely order from them again!

Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this review! I hope you all enjoy my reviews because I have a couple more coming up, including a Yumart one which will be posted just after this one! 

And if you have time, please check out my Sheinside giveaway! Please take care and have a lovely day image

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